Here’s what you need to know when you’re considering parts & accessories.

What’s the difference between parts and accessories?

Parts are typically the functional, technical and maintenance-related items that help your appliance work flawlessly. Parts include water filters for refrigerators, replacement filters for ventilation or drain hoses for dishwashers.

Accessories are usually additional add-ons or accents that add versatility, style or protection to your appliances. Accessories include cartridges for ranges, roasting racks and water filters.

Be sure to use only authorized parts and accessories with your JennAir® appliances, to ensure they fit and perform correctly.

You can also purchase specially manufactured appliance cleaner, stainless steel cleaner and touch-up paint, made for JennAir® appliances.

How often do parts need to be updated?

That may depend on the part, the appliance type, or even how often you cook or clean.

Items like water filters for refrigerators have a typical life cycle of six months, so it’s recommended that you replace them at least twice a year.

Other items, like ventilation replacement filters, may require updating based on your actual use. A filter may need changing more frequently if you cook often and use your ventilation to clear the air of large amounts of smoke or steam.

Handle kits and trim kits can subtly change the look of your appliance.

Handle kits and trim kits allow you to update the look of an appliance. Our handle kits include a variety of handle styles for refrigerators, including handles with JennAir styles like Pro-Style® Stainless, Euro-Style Stainless and a slim “towel bar” style. Trim kits, available for many appliances including microwaves, compactors and cooktops, allow you to achieve a built-in look.

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