Here’s what you need to know when you’re considering warming drawers.

The appeal of warming drawers.

Perfect for entertaining or cooking multi-course meals, a warming drawer provides convenient additional space for holding hot food at temperature or warming bread when the oven is in use. It also provides an option for keeping food warm without using the oven.

JennAir® warming drawers offer an array of special options designed for cooking and entertaining.

The Slow Roast Function allows you to slowly cook and roast meats and vegetables at a low temperature, resulting in tender texture and rich flavor. It features high and low settings for greater control and flexibility.

The Bread Proofing Function is ideal when working with fresh dough. This specialized warming drawer function creates a controlled environment to activate yeast and allow dough to rise at a low temperature.

The Humidity Slide Control allows you to manage the moisture level for each dish, for exceptional results. You can choose to seal in moisture or let moisture escape.

As an added benefit that’s ideal for entertaining, our warming drawers allow you to warm plates before serving.

Achieve a sleek look in your kitchen.

Warming drawers are built in, to add a stylish touch to a kitchen as well as a functional one. Placement depends on your preference. While some people choose to position a warming drawer beneath a wall oven, others prefer to position it next to a wall oven or range, or beneath an island or counter.

With concealed controls, the warming drawer’s exterior is sleekly minimal, allowing it to blend more smoothly into cabinetry.

JennAir® warming drawers are available in a variety of finishes. You can choose from two stainless finishes, including the bold commercial styling—featuring diamond-etched handles—of Pro-Style® Stainless, as well as the clean lines of Euro-Style Stainless, featuring elegantly curved handles. Sleek Floating Glass in black or white offer dramatic alternatives to stainless steel. You can also opt for custom panels to blend with cabinetry for an integrated look.

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Warming drawers stylishly designed to do more.

High-End Warming Drawers

Whether you opt for a warming drawer (or two) in stainless steel, glass or custom panels, you'll enjoy a new level of
versatility when cooking and entertaining. You can even warm plates, proof bread and slow roast meats and vegetables.

Specific finishes can be found on the product detail page. Simply click on the model you’re interested in to see the variety of available finishes.