Here’s what you need to know when you’re considering refrigerators.

Several factors are key when selecting a refrigerator.

There are many design considerations: your options range from a bold freestanding look to a sleek built-in look that lies flush with cabinetry, to a fully integrated look where the refrigerator disappears into cabinetry with the addition of custom panels. Base your decision on your personal taste as well as your overall vision for your kitchen’s look.

There are also functional and spatial considerations. Options range from side-by-side, French door and bottom-freezer models.. Other options include exterior or interior water and ice dispensers. Knowing your preferences and thinking about the types of food and beverages, as well as quantities, you typically hold in your refrigerator will help guide your selection.

If your kitchen has an island or smaller square footage, this may determine which configuration works best. Anticipate the distance from the refrigerator to the island, and be sure to incorporate door swing considerations (right or left) so there’s enough room to maneuver. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggests allowing 42 inches between an island and an appliance (measuring from the refrigerator door handle to the overhang of the island’s countertop).

There are two basic types.

Built-in refrigerators are installed into cabinetry, and positioned at the same depth as cabinetry and countertops. Because they fit flush with cabinetry, they achieve a streamlined, integrated look. With the addition of custom panels, they can blend seamlessly into cabinetry.

Freestanding refrigerators feature counter-depth design with only the doors and the handles extending beyond the base cabinet. JennAir® freestanding refrigerators offer cabinet depth design, which allows them to align with cabinetry to offer a smooth look. We also offer a standard depth option, which in some cases provides more preservation space. All of our freestanding refrigerators offer additional custom panels for a sleek look..

Choose from several configurations.

Side-by-side refrigerators feature the refrigerator on the right-hand side and the freezer on the left.

French Door refrigerators feature two doors that open side-by-side to reveal the spacious refrigerator interior, with the freezer compartment located underneath.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators feature a refrigerator on top with a freezer drawer housed underneath.

On right-hand door swing models the refrigerator door opens to the right, with the handle located on the left-hand side of the door.

On left-hand door swing models the refrigerator door opens to the left, with the handle located on the right-hand side of the door.

Only JennAir® refrigerators offer these superb food preservation features.

Our Precision Temperature Management™ System, available in several models, features electronically controlled sensors that monitor the refrigerator environment and automatically adjust temperatures to maintain the ideal level for keeping food beautifully fresh.

Our TriSensor™ Electronic Climate Control feature, available in several models, keeps temperatures consistent by using three separate sensors, which automatically respond to the refrigerator and freezer interiors as well as the kitchen environment itself.

Advanced Climate Control Drawers, available in several models, are dedicated drawers that provide precise temperatures for sensitive ingredients like produce, meats and cheese, for specialized storage and exceptional preservation.

Under counter options are ideal for entertaining.

JennAir offers several different under counter configurations, for convenient extra refrigeration anywhere in the home.

Our under counter wine cellars feature two temperature zones to ensure the proper temperature for reds and whites, as well as an LED temperature display and roll-out racks to store up to 46 bottles.

Our under counter beverage centers create additional storage for food, ingredients and beverages. They feature three different temperature zones for wines and other beverages as well as hors d’oeuvres and ingredients. Roll-out racks offer storage for up to 22 bottles, while glass shelves can hold other items.

Our refrigerator/freezer drawers, available as refrigerator/freezer or double-refrigerator configurations, offer convenient extra storage for food and beverages. Our drawer freezers feature an automatic ice maker for a continual supply of fresh, filtered ice.

We also offer under counter refrigerators for convenient extra storage for beverages, ingredients and hors d’ouevres.

Our ice machines ensure a generous and continuous supply of clear, fresh ice. Perfect for entertaining, they can store 25 pounds and create up to 50 pounds of ice within a 24-hour period.

Choose a finish to suit your style.

JennAir® refrigerators are available in a variety of finishes, including three different stainless steel options. These include the bold commercial styling—featuring diamond-etched handles—of Pro-Style® Stainless, the clean lines of Euro-Style Stainless—featuring elegantly curved handles, as well as classic stainless. Sleek Floating Glass in black or white offer dramatic alternatives to stainless steel. You can also opt for custom panels to blend with cabinetry for an integrated look.

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