Here’s what you need to know when you’re considering microwave ovens.

Microwave ovens offer exceptional versatility.

Microwave ovens, whether built-in or countertop, offer unique design possibilities as well as convenient cooking options. Built-in microwave ovens, featuring either drawer or over-the-range design, offer a sleek look and free up space on the countertop, especially important in smaller kitchens where counter space is at a premium. A countertop microwave offers more flexibility for placement, and can easily be moved.

There are several different microwave oven configurations.

Built-in microwave ovens are installed directly into preexisting cabinetry space for an integrated look. They can be placed near other cooking appliances, such as wall ovens and warming drawers to create a “cooking area” on a wall, or be placed in any part of the kitchen that best suits your preferences, such as next to a refrigerator or pantry. The drawer opens and closes from the front, for easy access to food during and after cooking.

Microwave ovens with under counter drawer design can be conveniently positioned under islands or counters. They leave valuable counter space uncluttered and are ideal for an open kitchen design or smaller space. The drawer opens and closes automatically with the touch of a button and provides access from the top, making it easy to check or stir food without having to remove the dish itself.

Over-the-range microwave ovens feature a built-in ventilation system to capture smoke, steam and odors from cooking surfaces below to help maintain a fresh kitchen environment. Their dual function and space-saving design makes them ideal for smaller or urban kitchens.

Countertop microwave ovens sit directly on kitchen countertops. JennAir offers a countertop model that can also be converted into a built-in microwave oven with an additional trim kit, to achieve a sleekly integrated look.

JennAir® microwave ovens are ideal for entertaining.

Microwave ovens have evolved beyond simply heating and defrosting. JennAir® microwave ovens offer a number of thoughtful features and details that can help streamline dinner party preparations.

Several models offer Convection & Microwave Combination Cooking for consistently even heat that helps you achieve exceptional, oven-quality results.

Another helpful feature is Speed-Cook, available in several models, which combines the speed of microwaving with the precision of convection cooking and broiling. It helps you achieve oven-quality results faster than conventional cooking methods.

Several modes offer Auto Sensor Microwave Cooking. Rather than cooking for a preset time, this intuitive sensor detects humidity released by food as it cooks and determines the precise cooking time and power level for each dish, for optimal doneness. Similarly, Auto Sensor Reheat is an intuitive sensor that detects humidity released by food and programs the appropriate remaining cooking time, for superb results.

The Keep Warm™ Option, available in several models, holds temperatures at a low setting to keep already-cooked food perfectly warm, without further cooking.

Our built-in models also feature the 4.3-Inch Full-Color Menu-Driven LCD Display, a highly interactive, full-color LCD control panel with menu-driven controls to assist you in selecting cooking options, such as temperature and cooking mode.

Select a capacity and finish to suit your style.

Our microwave ovens offer several different capacity sizes. Depending on the size of dishware or the quantity of food you typically cook in a microwave, as well as the size of your kitchen, you may want to opt for larger or smaller capacity.

Capacity sizes range from a more compact 1.4 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity, which accommodates a variety of dishes and cookware sizes, to an exceptionally spacious 2.0 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity, which accommodates larger dishes and cookware sizes.

JennAir® microwave ovens are available in a variety of finishes to add beauty to your kitchen space. Stainless finishes include the bold commercial styling—featuring diamond-etched handles in built-in and over-the-range models—of Pro-Style® Stainless, as well as the clean lines of Euro-Style Stainless, featuring elegantly curved handles in built-in and over-the-range models. Sleek Floating Glass in black or white, as well as black and white finishes, offer dramatic alternatives to stainless steel.

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Whether you prefer a sleek built-in, under counter or above the range microwave (which also offers powerful ventilation),
all models offer multiple cooking options. Several models also feature convection cooking and full-color LCD displays.

Specific finishes can be found on the product detail page. Simply click on the model you’re interested in to see the variety of available finishes.